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Real Estate Agents

The every day life of a Real Estate Agent is one of constant movement and activity. Calls don't come in when planned and following up on leads is essential to survival in the faced paced mobile market place. With Callorb, calls can be annotated in the field so you never lose track of what is discussed. The annotation
and all the information about the call is automatically uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed
from anywhere and at any time at your convenience.

Property Managers

Managing Real Estate is an constant test of being able to juggle many hats. Repairs and maintenance requests, meeting with contractors, negotiating leases and contracts all while moving about the community are just a couple of the challenges. Callorb takes some of the confusion out by allowing you to manage your calls. As calls come in they can be annotated
from the phone for later followup and when you arrive back at your office you can login to Callorb
and manage details of the call where it is stored and always available.


The legal world operates less from the office and more from road. As calls come in, an Attorney is always challenged with having to follow up and keep track of conversations while performing their daily work. With Callorb, calls can be noted
for followup at a more convenient time. Automatically the call is stored in the Callorb cloud, and it is always available and can be accessed
at any time.